New Kids Books Shelf

Sheepology : by Demonti, Ilaria
The Fascinating Bug Book for Kids : by Toney, Krystal Monique
The Fascinating Animal Book for Kids : by Clarke, Ginjer L
My First Book of Earth : by Schuttler, Stephanie Manka
I Am the Rain / by Paterson, John
Geo-Graphics / by Giménez, Regina
The Musical Life of Gustav Mole /
Heroes of World War II : by Keene, Jarret
Philosophy : by Fletcher, Robert
Epic Myths for Fearless Girls / by Martin, Claudia
The Truth About the Couch by Rubin, Adam
If I Built A Car by Van Dusen, Chris
Great Pal Sea-Horse by Twinn, M
I Am Tidy / by Porter, Jen
The Mystery of the Missing Cheese / by Lynch, Stuart
Home / by Simler, Isabelle
Unicorns to the Rescue / by Edwards, Laurie J
We're All In the Same Boat! / by Saltzberg, Barney
Baby-Sitters Little Sister. by Martin, Ann M
I Spy Letters / by Marzollo, Jean
Insectorama : by Voisard, Lisa
The Walk of the Field Mouse / by Robert, Nadine
Dog Vs. Strawberry / by Buchet, Nelly
Addie Ant Goes On An Adventure / by Morris, Maren
Ahoy! / by Blackall, Sophie