New Kids Books Shelf

From Tadpole to Frog / by Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner
Marshmallow, by Newberry, Clare Turlay
10 Hungry Rabbits / by Lobel, Anita
Eggs Are Everywhere / by Wilhelm, Hans
The Secret / by Guy, Louise
Spirit / by Guy, Louise
The End / by Guy, Louise
Friendship / by Guy, Louise
Black Beauty / by Sewell, Anna
Brave Like That / by Stoddard, Lindsey
Thank You, Mr. Falker / by Polacco, Patricia
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table / by Lanier, Sidney
The Diary of A Young Girl / by Frank, Anne
How to Catch A Loveosaurus / by Walstead, Alice
Unique Unicorn / by Sanderson, Whitney
Unicorns of the Secret Stable. by Sanderson, Whitney
Unicorns to the Rescue / by Edwards, Laurie J
The Great Unicorn Race / by Sanderson, Whitney
Smiliest Animals Ever / by Dickmann, Nancy
Funniest Animals Ever / by Dickmann, Nancy
We're All In the Same Boat! / by Saltzberg, Barney
Lisette's Lie / by Valckx, Catharina
Big Nate : by Peirce, Lincoln
Construction Site Gets A Fright! / by Rinker, Sherri Duskey
The Bad Guys In the Others?! / by Blabey, Aaron